Thank you for visiting. McFate Furniture is a one mans shop on the outskirts of Asheville, North Carolina. I build furniture because I think that an object is only as valuable as the consideration, care, and intention that was put into it. From sourcing locally available woods through family owned sawmills to mixing my own non toxic finishes, my goal is to create objects that are worthy of the precious resource they're made of. The result is something that will last generations, growing in character and beauty with use.

     My goal as a woodworker is to build a piece of furniture that serves its function well, bears long use, and occupies a timeless aesthetic. Using locally available hardwoods from small suppliers or logs that I've salvaged, I look to the particular characteristics of each piece of wood; The tranquility of rift sawn ash makes for a different piece of furniture than the dynamic energy of spalted sycamore. These details inform my designs in an attempt at harmony between form and material.

     A sense of curiosity and honesty in my daily work are guiding criteria for the decisions I make, and I see my furniture as a direct reflection of those decisions. I approach the wood using simple tools, with an aim towards simple processes, trying not to impede the intrinsic beauty of a thing made by hand.